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MayWorks Ottawa

Digital Art | Graphic Design | Web Design

MayWorks Ottawa is an annual art festival focused on showcasing labour and the arts. I oversaw art and design for the 2019 and 2018 festivals.

Art for the 2019 festival fit in with the 100 year anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike.

The most iconic image from that time was the attempted tipping of a streetcar being used by union busters. After some research I found a photo from a similar vantage and time period to complete the picture through digitally matching and stitching the two photos together.

The final piece is a mix of hard primary colours over the image as a nod to avant-garde, the prominent art style during the Russian Revolution, which has been sited as the inspiration for the beginnings of collective action in Canada. The circles over everyone’s heads lead to a singular collective column emanating and tilting out of the streetcar. It also created the space for the poster text and similarly tilted text.